• Paintings

    Customised tote bags: the trendy and ecological bag

    Customised tote bags have become the must-have accessory of recent years. These practical, aesthetic and ecological canvas bags have won over many people looking for an alternative to plastic bags. Whether it’s for shopping, carrying your beach gear or simply for everyday casual style, personalised tote bags offer a versatile and eco-friendly solution. What exactly is a tote bag? A tote bag is a lightweight canvas handbag with two handles that can be carried on the shoulder or in the hand. Their simple and practical design makes them ideal companions for carrying all sorts of items. But what makes tote bags so popular is their potential for customisation. The customisation…

  • Art show

    Art Show – December 2022

    See you on 08 December 2022 at the Arts & Co gallery, 21 rue des Arènes in Angers (FRANCE) for the opening of the new exhibition “Cadeaux originaux” which presents the works of 17 artists: FastFreak, SAJO, Claude Coudert, LASCO, MarieD, Martine LeBidan, Frédéric Jamet, Mariek, Denis Huneau, Anissa Allam Vaquez, VD, Hélène Lepape, Laure Duquesne, Ghylaine Coudert, JF Engasser, July Bubble and Francois. Come and meet the artists on Thursday 8 December from 6.30 pm at the gallery. Take advantage of this evening to find your “original” Christmas gifts at Arts & Co. The aim of this new “shop” exhibition is to show you a nice sample of “original”…

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    How I make a painting

    To make a painting, I need several elements such as good materials. Suitable tools, paint, pens etc… You will find below a list of what I use for the realization of my works as well as my state of mind/condition in which I paint. Tools and materials Acrylic paints and Posca markers are used to create a painting. The mix between the two is also possible. Oil paints are also used for some art pieces but it takes a lot longer to get the art piece dry. For painting I use paint acrylic brushes, rubber paint squeegees or paint chisel. For collages, the base material is Forex® cutted by a…

  • Paintings

    Cities 2022

    “Windows Colors” (80 x 60 cm) “27th street neon” (100 x 100 cm) “Honeymoon in Manhattan” (30 x 30 cm) “Blue Manhattan 2” (80 x 60 cm) “Pinky New York” (80 x 80 cm) “Crazy Tokyo Metro Map” (100 x 100 cm) “Flight over Manhattan” (20 x 20 cm)

  • Paintings

    Cities 2021

    “Ginza by night” (80 x 80 cm) This painting was offered to the association “Coeur d’Anjou”. “Coeur d’Anjou” is an association of entrepreneurial friends driven by the desire to create festive and convivial events, in order to raise funds to support NGOs or foundations. “5th Avenue” (100 x 100 cm) “Séoul by night” (120 x 60 cm) “Dark Windows” (73 x 60 cm) “Empire States of Cab” (90 x 90 cm) “Nathan Road South” (100 x 80 cm) “Pink City” (100 x 100 cm) “Coloured Manhattan” (80 x 60 cm) “Admiralty 2” (80 x 60 cm) “China Town” (100 x 80 cm) “Dirty Town 2” (100 x 100 cm)

  • Paintings

    Cities 2020

    “Dark Madison” (120 x 60 cm) “28th Street” (80 x 80 cm) “Blue City” (100 x 80 cm) “Blue Manhattan” (120 x 60 cm) “Central Champagne” (100 x 80 cm) “Compacted” (120 x 60 cm) “Dirty Town” (100 x 80 cm) “Empire State of Mind” (100 x 100 cm) “Find your way out” (120 x 60 cm) “Hong Kong Island 1” (50 x 30 cm) “Hong Kong Island Dark Side” (60 x 30 cm) “Hope” (100 x 80 cm) “Kwun Tong” (100 x 80 cm) “Little Italy” (120 x 60 cm) “Love 1” (100 x 80 cm) “Lower West Side” (100 x 80 cm) “Manhattan South” (100 x 80 cm)…