How I make a painting

To make a painting, I need several elements such as good materials. Suitable tools, paint, pens etc…

You will find below a list of what I use for the realization of my works as well as my state of mind/condition in which I paint.

Tools and materials

Acrylic paints and Posca markers are used to create a painting. The mix between the two is also possible. Oil paints are also used for some art pieces but it takes a lot longer to get the art piece dry. For painting I use paint acrylic brushes, rubber paint squeegees or paint chisel.

For collages, the base material is Forex® cutted by a laser cutting machine. On those Forex® shapes, I stick newspapers, magazines even pieces of packs of cigarettes with a special Patex® paper glue.

Pre-painting time

I paint at night mostly. A good music not to loud to be 100% prepared, a glass of red Bordeaux wine and the workshop is ready. Between 2 and 4 paintings are in progress at the same time. This allows the paint to dry correctly. I can paint on an easel or flat on a large table / bar I use as a workshop extension.

Photos and vidéos

How i make “Pinky New York” painting

How i make “Blue Manhattan 2” painting

Final word : My art is colorful and fresh.

It describes the mood of the moment, the atmosphere of travel memories. from an Asian capital to Manhattan, my paintings frequently take up an image that has marked my memory. Collages, on the other hand, are a graphic representation of the word or feeling described in them.


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